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Stuve-Wiedemann dysplasia by Chloe - video podcast

Chloe has Stuve-Wiedemann dysplasia - a bone disorder. She's had seven operations in the last two years and has been in and out of hospital.
With the help of Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), Chloe's made a video podcast to help show kids that hospitals are not too scary.

If the video is not showing please watch it on YouTube

"I wanted to be involved in making a video diary to show people that hospitals are not really that scary.

"The first time I went to GOSH I was scared, but the staff are really nice and I'm used to it now, so it is not scary anymore.

My condition

"My bones do not grow the right way, so I have had to have a lot of operations to fix them.

"I have to use a wheelchair a lot and do a lot of physio to make sure my bones move.

"I am not too independent, but it is not that annoying - I just deal with it and look at the things I do have.

"I usually spend about a week in hospital each time I have an operation. When I had my back straightened out I had to stay in for two weeks.

The diary

"The video diary follows me about to have my leg cast taken off, after I had my knee cap moved to the right place.

"Despite the loud noise of the saw, it was not scary or painful and tickled a bit.

"I then had some X-rays done to see how my bones had healed.

"The diary also shows me having hydrotherapy in a swimming pool.

The finished result

"It was really nice to have water on my leg again after being in the cast so long.

"I think the finished video is quite good. It took a while to make, but was worth it and I am pleased with the finished result. I was surprised how my voice sounded on tape though!

"If you have to go into hospital, my advice would be to try and speak to your doctor about what is going on and get them to answer your questions.

"It is ok to be scared, but they are not really that scary."

Courtesy of BBC Newsround