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Schizophrenia by Crumpet

Read Crumpet's real story to find out more about what it is like to have schizophrenia.

Hi! My name is Kelly and I'm from Exeter but my friends call me Crumpet. I'm 13 and soon it will be my birthday but I can't have a party. Let me explain why I think it is not a good idea...

You see, I have a kind of rare illness called schizophrenia. I was not born with it though. In fact I'm not quite sure how I ended up with it! Anyway, one day I changed...

I was outside play…when I suddenly lost my mind…

I was outside playing 'Kerby' with my best-friend Charlie when I suddenly lost my mind and went out of control. I didn't know what was happening to me and couldn't stop myself. Even though I could see Charlie crying I did not stop and thought I had gone mad.

After a couple of months my family noticed something was wrong as I wasn't myself, and by my 12th birthday I was cutting my wrists, not completely but just scratches.

My mum took me to a counsellor but it didn't work one bit. But, my mum kept telling me I was still special and was still her little crumpet. But I felt alone and felt like the world was against me. So I carried on even though I knew it was wrong.

People bullied me for being different…

When I started high school, things got around about my behaviour sometimes. That's when people turned against me, as they didn't understand that it wasn't me. Well it was me but it wasn't...and people bullied me for being different, so I moved away from that school.

That's where I met my boyfriend (no I'm not too young!). His name is Charlie and just speaking to him on the phone and hearing his voice makes me feel better! I feel in love with him even though I'm young...but people say I act a lot older and mature! Anyway enough of that before I get carried away...

I'm now in a wonderful school with wonderful teachers, wonderful friends and... a wonderful boyfriend.

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