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Mental health unit by Charlie

Read a real story by Charlie to find out about what it's like to suffer from a personality disorder.

I first began feeling 'low' when I was only 12 years old after being bullied for two years. I would tell teachers and they would tell the bullies off but nothing really was done.

I moved classes and that's when everything stopped. But although my parents thought I was fine, I was hiding the truth that I was still hurting.

Suicide note

I took my first overdose at 12, and made a few more attempts at suicide after that. But my parents didn't know because I didn't tell them.

I wanted to die. I wrote a suicide note one day and my mum found it. I was referred to a psychologist who admitted me to an adolescent mental health unit and that's when I made my road to recovery.

There to help

I was scared at first; there were strange people around me and teenagers I didn't even know.

I kept things bottled up inside me and for a couple of weeks I was put on 1:1 observations, which is where you have a staff with you 24/7. I was glad they had a set routine which means you don't get bored and I soon learnt that the staff at the hospital all want to help.

New relationships

I built relationships with the other teenagers and most of them were in the same boat as me. I had a primary nurse who co-ordinated my care and made sure I received the care that I needed.

The staff understood that I had a phobia of meetings and didn't pressure me into attending them, which really helped my confidence.

There was a student nurse at the hospital who I built a very strong relationship with and she was the first person I ever learnt to trust.


I enjoyed the different therapies that the hospital offered like music therapy and art therapy and they all lifted my self-esteem.

On the weekends I would be escorted by a nurse to the local shops, or just for a walk, and soon I was trusted enough to have unescorted leave so I could go home by myself.

New outlook

By the end of five months I had improved so much that I received my discharge date.

I had gone into hospital self-harming and with depression and left with a clear head and a diagnosis of a personality disorder.

I cried when I was discharged; I missed the love and support that the staff all showed me but I left with a better understanding of myself.

I was scared so much when they admitted me to the hospital but I left wanting to return. Yeah, the food was rubbish but I made great friends and learnt to trust again.

This story may have been edited for editorial and confidentiality reasons only.


For more help and information

  • The Samaritans are always available to listen when you need someone to talk to. Call 08457 90 90 90.
  • YoungMinds is a charity that helps to improve the mental health of young people.
  • ChildLine are there to listen to any problems you have and will try to help you sort them out. Call 0800 1111. Or, if you cannot face speaking to somebody you can send instant messages via the internet to an advisor.

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