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Mental health

Mildred Creak ward

Mental illness is something diagnosed by doctors or mental health professionals.

It's when, in their opinion, you have symptoms or problems that interfere with your ability to lead a normal life. This means your ability to do the normal day-to-day things like concentrate, have healthy relationships and be able to communicate and interact with other people.

Find out more about mental health problems, who they can affect and some of the signs and symptoms.

Use our mental health A-Z to find out about different conditions and further sources of help and advice.

Hang out in our therapy lounge for more information about the various treatment options available for mental health service users.

Hear more about the role of different people in our who's who of adolescent mental health care.

Suicide, stress, sexual abuse - our 'Ssssh' specialist articles are full of reassuring advice about sensitive subjects.

Visit our brain workshop for top tips on staying mentally healthy and improving your overall wellbeing.

Learn more about what to expect if you are admitted to the Mildred Creak Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

Find out more about the Department for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (DCAMH) in our Parents and visitors specialty section.