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Mildred Creak Unit (MCU)

The Mildred Creak Unit (MCU) is for children and young people with mental health problems.

The Mildred Creak Unit has 10 beds and is located on Level 5 of the Frontage Building.The unit is open seven days a week but most patients return home at the weekends. 

Patients on the Mildred Creak Unit range from seven to 15 years old. 

Staff on the ward

Mildred Creak ward

Staff who work on the ward include child and adolescent psychiatrists, nurses, therapeutic care workers, teachers, family therapists, social workers, psychologists and child and adolescent psychotherapists

The following members of staff will be available to help you during your stay on the Mildred Creak Unit:

  • Dr Jon Goldin, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Conditions we treat

Some of the conditions we treat on the Mildred Creak Unit include:

  • eating disorders
  • somatising disorders (where you suffer from unexplained medical symptoms)
  • mood disorders (such as depression, where you feel very sad)
  • other emotional and behavioural problems

Facilities for children and young people

The Mildred Creak Unit has a lounge area with comfy chairs, a TV, a DVD player, books, board games and a Nintendo Wii.

There is a dining room where staff and patients (and parents when visiting) can eat together, and also a roof garden.  

We also make good use of the local parks.

The Activity Centre

Hospital School - Sam sat on white chair at the mac

The Activity Centre is found on Level 2 of the Southwood Building. The area has a special section for teenagers called The Den that has club evenings and activities for older patients.

The Activity Centre is for inpatients, outpatients and siblings of all ages and abilities from 0 to 19 years old. We offer a welcoming recreational space with plenty of games, activities and arts and crafts resources. We also have a library of books and DVDs as well as Xbox and Wii consoles.

Have a look at the Activity Centre timetable where you can find out what’s happening when.

The Children's Hospital School

Hospital School - Halima in black top with teacher at bedside 1

The Children's Hospital School offers lessons to inpatients from 5 to 18 years of age. We follow the national curriculum and can liaise with your home school to make sure your education remains as normal as possible.

You can choose which lessons you come to, and you won't get in trouble if you're not feeling up to it. We can arrange lessons in lots of different places, including your bedside if you’re too poorly to go to the classroom.

We also have special teachers for patients with special needs, so everyone is always welcome.

For more information visit the Children's Hospital School page or download the leaflet.

More information

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