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Finding out what to expect before you come to hospital can help put your mind at ease. Coming in as an outpatient Coming in as an inpatient What to bring
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It's normal to feel scared about staying in hospital - thankfully, we've lots of advice to help you adjust to life away from home. Being a teenager in hospital Food and activities Helping you cope
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You're bound to be looking forward to leaving hospital but here are a few things to think about first. Taking your medication Preparing for an adult hospital Getting involved
Browse our library of general health features, packed with top tips from our experts. Mental health Healthy eating Puberty and sexual health
There are various ways you can get help, support and advice about any problems that occur. Giving feedback and raising concerns
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Great Ormond Street Hospital is a membership organisation called a Foundation Trust. Become a Foundation Trust member now
Teenagers - TV Lloyd Animated Sickle Cell Disease
Watch ten teenagers talk about their hospital experiences in video diaries they made while being treated at GOSH. Sickle cell disease by Lloyd
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