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Gwynneth Down

Dr Gwynneth Down is a Consultant Family Psychotherapist. She is the Head of Family Psychotherapy across the Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Psychosocial Services.

Conditions we treat

The clinical nurse specialist for Adolescent Medicine is available to all young people on the wards aged 11 years or over, and parents and health professionals involved in their care.

CFS/ME outpatient programme

Great Ormond Street Hospital offers a nurse led multidisciplinary...

Selective mutism

Selective mutism is a childhood anxiety disorder where a child cannot speak in almost all social situations despite being able to. Selective mutism usually begins in children under five years of age, though it may only become noticeable when a child begins school. Most children with selective mutism are believed to have an inherited predisposition to anxiety and there can be a variety of additional contributing causes.

Health dictionary

Health dictionary - A


The abdomen is actually just another word for your stomach.


A collection of pus, which usually happens as a result of an infection. Pus is made up of old white blood cells and broken down tissue cells. Abscesses can be very painful and may need to be...

Bedroom on Sky Ward

Sky Ward

This is the ward where children having specialist orthopaedic and spinal surgery are nursed. Children on this ward tend to have conditions like congenital limb problems and osteogenesis imperfecta. 


The Attachment and Trauma Team

Referrals for the Attachment and Trauma Teamshould be sent in writing to Dr Margaret DeJong, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Head of Service. 

We have a national catchment area and accept referrals from a wide range of...

Liver cancer

Liver cancer is rare in children and teenagers. The condition comes when cancer cells form in the tissues of the liver. Primary liver cancer is when the cancer starts to grow in the liver. Secondary liver cancer is when it has spread from another organ.