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Complex asthma service

Our service is led by Dr Katy Pike and Joanne Miles who is an asthma clinical nurse specialist.

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine
Dr Katharine Pike
Asthma Clinical Nurse Specialist
Jo Miles

We take a team approach and also ask other professionals to help children and young people with asthma. These include colleagues from

  • lung function
  • psychology 
  • dietetics
  • ear, nose and throat (ENT)
  • speech and language therapy
  • physiotherapy.

Propranolol for headaches

Propranolol belongs to a group of drugs called beta blockers. It is used in patients with heart problems to control high blood pressure or irregular heart beats. It is also used to treat certain types of vascular birthmarks. It is also used to prevent migraines and headaches.

Food allergies

If you have a food allergy, you might not be able to eat certain things in case they cause an allergic reaction. Your body's immune system will react to a substance that is usually harmless, resulting in a number of chemicals being released into your bloodstream.

Food allergy

Food allergy is a type of food hypersensitivity where the body’s immune system has a reaction to a substance that is usually harmless, resulting in the release of a number of chemicals into the bloodstream. Common foods causing an allergy in children include: cow’s milk, eggs, shellfish and peanuts. Substances that cause an allergic reaction are called allergens.

What to expect

The idea of going to hospital may sometimes seem a little scary. They are big, full of people and very different to home. We know it can be daunting - hopefully the tips below will help!