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Dietetics Resources

The Dietitians work with children and their families where specialised nutrition can be used for the treatment of their medical condition. With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience they have developed a range of resources to help health professionals learn about the many specialty areas of paediatric dietetics. To purchase any of these resources please click on the relevant links below.

If you see it, say it - raising concerns about your child

While everyone at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is an expert in their field, you are the expert regarding your child. You will know better than us if they are not behaving as they usually do or seem different in some way. Studies have shown that caregivers are often the first people to spot changes in the health of their child, even when in a clinical environment.

When a child dies

This guideline is intended to supplement the resources found in the 'When a Child Dies' (WACD) purple box located in every ward, which gives detailed information on the care of a child after death and, additionally, the ongoing care and attention that the child's family will require (Rationale 1).