Taking part in research

There are many different ways of getting involved with research at GOSH or the UCL Institute of Child Health. You can be a research participant in a study, or you canget actively involved and help advise on research studies.

Research participation

If you are a parent of a child receiving care at GOSH, or you are a patient yourself and are interested in what studies are available to you to take part in, ask your clinical team about research taking place. They will know if there are any studies going on in that area/disease group that would be available to you or your child to take part in.

Patient stories

Learn how some of our patients have taken part in research.
A young, male patient at GOSH

A study to understand what causes clefts

An early antenatal scan detected that Dylan had an underdeveloped chin. Since this can be associated with an opening in the roof of the mouth – known as a cleft palate – Dylan’s parents were referred to the Cleft Lip and Palate Team at GOSH. At birth, Dylan was diagnosed with a very wide cleft in his hard and soft palate, a floppy tongue, a small chin and – given those three characteristics – Pierre Robin Sequence. Here, Dylan's mum Catherine tells us why at 16 months old he and his family are taking part in a research project regarding clefts.
Joe describes his clinical trial at the CRF

Drug trial for Arthritis

Joe was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis when he was six years old. At the time he was so ill he couldn't get out of bed. Now Joe's life has been transformed by a clinical trial at Great Ormond Street hospital. Here Joe tells us his story.