Centre for Nursing and Allied Health Research

The main work in the Centre is the conduct of child and family focused research.

Current research programmes include:

  • Symptom assessment and management, particularly pain, oral stomatitis and fatigue.

  • Developing and validating measures and evaluating effectiveness of therapies, particularly physiotherapy and assistive devices.

  • Optimising children’s health, particularly quality of life in disabled children and children with chronic diseases.

  • Testing the efficacy of a 3D pain and anxiety distraction system with children undergoing dressing changes.

  • Delivery of child and family-centred care, with an emphasis on the partnership between families and healthcare professionals.

Research projects within these main programmes use a variety of methodological approaches (qualitative and quantitative), and involve multidisciplinary collaborations.

The second programme of work within the Centre is to support the professional development of nursing and allied health professionals, particularly with respect to advancing the research expertise among clinical professionals and developing new opportunities for research careers.

Centre staff provide formal research training and academic supervision, in collaboration with professional schools and universities. The Centre also provides informal consultation, mentorship, and careers guidance.

The third programme of work within the Centre is focused on influencing children’s healthcare policy. Centre staff are actively involved in professional organisations, governmental agencies, and national and international initiatives to improve the health of children. The evidence base provided by the research programmes underpins this work.

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