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Giving feedback and raising concerns

At Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), we try to achieve the highest standards in our clinical care and also in the services we provide for children, young people and families. We want to exceed your expectations so we try to improve what we do and how we do it all the time.  

Feedback in person

You can help us by telling us about your experience at GOSH – we want to hear your comments, compliments, concerns and complaints.

Understanding your visit or stay at GOSH can tell us:

  • where things are working well

  • where there might be risks so we can take action to reduce and eliminate them

  • where we need to make some changes and improvements

We regard any comments, compliments, concern and complaints about our services as an opportunity to learn and make improvements. Your child’s care will not be affected in any way by you telling us your experience. Copies of any letters or investigations are never filed in your child’s medical records.

How you can tell us about your experience

You can tell us about your experience in various ways:

It helps us if you can give as much information as possible, such as when you had the experience, where it happened and, unless you want to remain anonymous, your child’s name and hospital number.

Why have I been asked to provide feedback?

You may be asked to complete a questionnaire about the recent care your child has received. The reason for this is that registered doctors are required to document their practice through collecting patient feedback for revalidation. Please refer to our FAQs (PDF, 185KB) for further information.  Alternatively, please email your query to revalidation.support@gosh.nhs.uk

GOSH aims to maintain high-quality patient care and your feedback is greatly appreciated. As with all feedback, the information you provide will be kept fully confidential. 

GOSH staff awards

If you feel that a staff member or a team at the hospital has made a real difference to your experience here and you'd like them to receive wider recognition, why not nominate them for our annual staff awards. We welcome nominations from patients, families, carers and anyone else connected with the hospital.