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General health advice

Zeus on Fox ward

Our general health section has all the advice you need to help you and your family lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

We've also got tons of tips too on how to deal with everything from childhood tantrums to talking about alcohol, smoking and drugs.

Find out how to provide a healthy and balanced diet to your children, which is essential to helping them grow up strong and well. 

Leading an active lifestyle is important for children, especially when they are still developing their bodies and minds.

Read our guide on childhood immunisations in the UK. We have everything you need including useful links and frequently asked questions.

From information on newborn screening to how to deal with childhood tantrums, our parenting advice section has it all.

Read our expert advice on how to deal with some common parenting themes you might encounter as your children grow up.

Check out our tots health corner for videos that teach your child some important health information in a fun, interactive way.