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Urodynamics Day Care

Urodynamics Day Care ward signage

Urodynamics Day Care is a busy day case unit located on Level 7 of the Southwood Building at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Urodynamics Day Care
Level 7, Southwood Building
Great Ormond Street Hospital 
Great Ormond Street 

Urodynamics Day Care telephone number: 020 7829 5916 

We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

About the Ward

Find out more about Urodynamics Day Care by watching our short video below.

If the video is not showing, please watch it on YouTube. A video transcript is also available.


Children come here for day case investigations and go home the same day. Most tests are carried out in the unit, but some children may also need to visit the X-ray department on Level 2 of the hospital.

Most visits last from two to four hours, so please allow this long when planning your travel or parking.

You can learn more about our clinical specialties by visiting:

Staff on the ward 

Urodynamics Day Care is primarily run by our highly qualified nursing team, but also includes doctors, healthcare assistants and adminstrative staff.

The following members of staff will be available to help you during your stay on the ward:

  • Lesley Healliss, Ward Manager
  • Claire Gaymer, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Karen Ryan, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Julie Looney, Clinicians Assistant
  • Lyndsay Burgess, Specialist Nurse
  • Susan Maestri, Specialist Nurse
  • Laura Blattman, Ward Clerk
Karen Ryan Clinical Nurse Specialist
Karen Ryan, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Conditions we treat

The majority of children and young people we see have conditions affecting the bladder and bowel. But we also see children from all specialties, such as general surgery and neurology.

Ward information

The ward is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

When you arrive at the unit, you should book in with the Ward Clerk. They will then notify the nurses who will collect you from the play room.

On your child's first visit, we will usually carry out a bladder function assessment. 

The nurse will take your child's medical history and go through the frequency volume chart with you.

Ensure your child has a good fluid intake prior to attending, as they will be taken to our special toilet to mesaure their urine.

This is followed by an ultrasound of the bladder to check that it is completely empty. 

This process will be repeated two to three times during the appointment, to give as full a picture as possible of your child's bladder function.

If your child is still in nappies or pads, please bring a supply with you to cover the day, plus a few extra.

It's also a good idea to bring a change of underwear or extra set of clothes if needed. 

We send some families a frequency volume chart to complete before the appointment. If we have sent you one, please bring it with you.

Urodynamics Day Care play room/waiting area

Facilities for parents and families

There is a play room within the unit, equipped with toys, books, games and arts and crafts.

We have a selection of juices and water available to drink during your visit. Unfortunately, we do not allow hot drinks due to the risk of spillage.

We do not provide food, but there are plenty of places to buy refreshments from within the hospital and local area.

There are toilets within the unit, but these are only to be used by children and young people having tests and investigations. Other family members and visitors should use the toilets on level 2 (ground floor) of the hospital.

Regulations on the ward

If your child has either had a recent contact with chickenpox or measles, or has chickenpox, measles, shingles, diarrhoea and vomiting, then please contact a member of the nursing team before arriving.

More information

If you have any questions, please telephone Urodynamics Day Care 020 7829 5916 or 5917. Please limit phone calls to inside working hours.

If you have any other questions during your stay, please ask the ward manager or nursing staff who would be very happy to help.