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Eagle Ward

Eagle Ward is on Level 7 of the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building (MSCB), part of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Photo of Eagle Ward wayfinding graphic
Eagle Ward,
Level 7, Morgan Stanley Clinical Building
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street
London WC1N 3JH

Eagle Ward telephone number: 020 7829 8815

For urgent enquiries outside of office hours please call the switchboard on +44 (0)20 7405 9200 and ask for the on-call Renal Registrar.

About the Ward

Find out more about Eagle Ward by watching our short video below.

If the video is not showing, please watch it on YouTube. A video transcript is also available.

Eagle Ward has:

  • 13 inpatient beds (including a four-bed high dependency bay)
  • two isolation rooms (one with a lobby to care for immune-compromised patients)
  • 10 haemodialysis beds (one six-bed bay and four cubicles)
  • a larger bathroom, which for the first time is fully assisted, with a height-adjustable bath that is accessible on three sides and has a ceiling track hoist
  • a quiet room which can be used by ward psychologists and clinical teams
  • a breast pump room to provide a dedicated space for mothers to feed siblings or to express milk

You can learn more about our clinical specialties by visiting:

Staff on the Ward

Eagle Ward (Public wayfinding)

Eagle Ward is staffed by renal consultants, specialist registrars and specialist renal nurses skilled in haemodialysis and plasma exchange therapies. The nursing team also includes a nurse consultant who works with children with long-term conditions and their families, and clinical nurse specialists for dialysis and transplantation. 

Dietitians can advise on all aspects of your child's diet. There is also a psychosocial team, including a ward counsellor, psychologist, family therapist, social worker and schoolteacher to support you and your family, plus a ward play specialist.

As children on dialysis are such regular visitors, school teachers come onto the Ward and spend at least an hour with each child during their four-hour dialysis session. 

The following members of staff will be available to help you during your stay on the Ward:

  • Sidhu-Bevan, Head of Nursing 
  • Lucy Thomas, Ward Sister 
  • Joanna Van Ree, Acting Ward Sister
  • Trish Evans, Lead Nurse

Conditions we treat

Wayfinding on Eagle Ward

The special areas of expertise include:

  • kidney failure
  • kidney dialysis including haemodialysis
  • kidney transplant
  • plasma exchange
  • other medical conditions such as lupus

Facilities for parents

Parent bed on Eagle Ward
Parent bed on Eagle Ward

Each single bedroom has space for one parent to stay – a sofa bed is provided.

Eagle Ward has a sitting room where you can go to relax and take time out from the Ward and make hot drinks and snacks – it also contains a fridge and microwave. Families can bring their own food to store here. However, in accordance with hospital policy we ask that all food is labelled with the patient's name and the date. 

There is also a quiet room where you can talk confidentially with a member of staff.

Facilities for children

The Ward has two playrooms - one for younger children and one for older children and teenagers. Both areas are spacious and have room for toys, games and crafts.

The playrooms are supervised by our play specialists during office hours but you will be responsible for your child at other times.

Visiting times

Colouring pens

Visiting times are 12-8pm. Parents or carers can of course visit at any time, however only one parent can stay on the Ward overnight. 

Accommodation can be provided for the second parent from family services. 

Regulations on the Ward

The following are not allowed on Eagle Ward:

•    Flowers – water in the vase can develop a bacterium that can cause infection in children. 

•    Latex Balloons – due to potential allergic reactions. 

If any of your visitors have been in contact with coughs, colds, tummy bugs, or infectious diseases like chicken pox or measles, we would prefer them to wait until they are better before visiting. No child will be allowed in to the Ward if they have chicken pox.

Eagle Ward is also known as the British Kidney Patient Association (BKPA) Children’s Kidney Centre. Our thanks to BKPA and everyone else who generously funded this ward.

More information

If you have any other questions during your stay, please ask the ward manager or nursing staff who would be very happy to help. 

Support organisations

The UK National Kidney Federation

The Children's Kidney Trust