Rainforest Wards

The ward has recently split from one ward to two separate wards as part of a reconfiguration project to improve patient experiences and increase capacity for beds.

The two Rainforest Wards share some facilities, though they are run independently with separate managers and nursing teams.


There are two wards on the Rainforest Ward and they are located on Level 5 of the Southwood Building.

Rainforest Endocrine and Metabolic (Endo/Met) Ward is located on C side of the ward.

Rainforest Gastroenterology (Gastro) Ward is located on D side of the ward.

Rainforest Wards
Level 5, Southwood Building
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street

Ward Information

Find out more about the two Rainforest Wards in our short video below.

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Staff making a bed on Rainforest Ward
The playroom and kitchen are located on Rainforest ‘Endo/Met’ on C side and are available for use by patients and families of both wards.

The bathroom is located on Rainforest ‘Gastro’ on D side and is also available for use by patients and families of both wards.

For security reasons, the doors to both wards are kept locked. Please ring the bell and a member of staff will unlock the door. Alternatively, for a £5 refundable deposit, you will be provided with a swipe card which will give you access to both wards.
Parents/carers are welcome to visit at any time. We would appreciate it though if friends and other visitors could limit visiting to between 10am and 8pm if possible. This is to allow children and their parent/carer time to rest.
Meals are provided for children and teenagers who are patients on Rainforest Wards. Lunch is between 12.30pm and 1pm. Dinner is between 4.30pm and 5pm.

Each bed space has a patient entertainment system, equipped with TV, radio and access to the internet GOSH information pages. The patient entertainment system can also be attached to portable DVD players and games consoles.

Bed allocation

We do our utmost to protect the privacy and dignity of your child at all times during their stay at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Your child will be allocated a bed space according to their physical, psychological and social needs, taking into consideration the needs of other children and young people on the ward at that time.

Of the ward’s 8 beds, Rainforest Gastro has four cubicles with pull down beds at the back of the cubicle for one parent/carer to stay. There is also a four bed bay with a recliner chair by each bed space for one parent/carer to stay. Rainforest Endo/Met has the same layout of four cubicles and a four bedded bay.

Cubicles are allocated to infectious patients and those with immune-compromised conditions. If the cubicles are not needed for these patients, we try to give them to adolescents so they can have some privacy and quiet, and patients on Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN).

Please tell us if your child has a preference for being with other children of their own age and/or gender.

We will try to meet this request where possible. But please remember that sometimes request cannot be met. Your child's safety will be our utmost priority at all times.

Regulations on the wards

Nurse with a patient on Rainforest Gastro Ward
The following are not allowed on the wards:

  • Flowers – water in the vase can develop a bacterium that can cause infection in children.
  • Latex Balloons – due to potential allergic reactions.

If any of your visitors have been in contact with coughs, colds, tummy bugs, or infectious diseases like chicken pox or measles, we would prefer them to wait until they are better before visiting. No child will be allowed in to the wards if they have chicken pox.


For parents

Isla on Rainforest Ward
You are a valued member of your child's health care team and we encourage you to take part in his or her care as much as possible while in hospital. We can usually only provide accommodation for one parent. We cannot accommodate siblings on the ward.

There is a parents' room just off the ward to allow you a bit of peace when needed. You are very welcome to use this room at any time. It is equipped with tea and coffee making facilities, a television and a fridge.

Meals are not provided for parents, but food and drink can be bought from the various catering facilities within the hospital and local area. There is also a hospital shop, which sells refreshments and gifts.

Mobile phones can only be used in the parents' room or by the stairwell outside the ward. Using them elsewhere can interfere with our medical equipment, and can also be disruptive to other families.

Facilities for children

Rainforest Wards have a well equipped playroom and a play specialist who organises activities. The play specialist can provide age-appropriate play opportunities and can help to prepare your child for the procedures that they will undergo in hospital.

Children can also use the Centre on the ground floor of the Southwood Building that has an outdoor area and a dedicated room (the Den) for teenagers.

The hospital school is located on the ground floor of the Southwood Building, next door to the Centre. Teachers also visit Rainforest Wards.