Coming to the hospital

We know that hospital can seem confusing at first and we will do everything we can to make it easier for you. This section is a guide to what to expect when you come to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Travelling to GOSH

How to get referred

Find out what facilities are available at GOSH in our virtual tour. You can also check out our hospital facilities and services guide. 

It can be confusing to work out who does what. This section introduces some of the staff you could meet when you come to the hospital.  

These pages introduce the different wards we have in the hospital. Click through to the specific ward you require for more information.

This information is designed to help you prepare for your child’s outpatient appointment and explain what you can expect during your visit.

Find out how to prepare for your child's inpatient or day patient stay, what to expect and where to go when you arrive at the hospital. 

Life can be complicated when you have a child with complex needs. The Family File gives you a handy place to record information about your child.

Learn about the role of the Infection control team at GOSH and we work to reduce the risk of your child acquiring an infection while in hospital.

Reasonable adjustments for children and young people with additional needs

Read more about what we do, including details of some of our pioneering achievements. 

Find out more about why we collect information about your child and how we use it. 

Read more information about our Wayfinder system - an easy way to navigate around the hospital.
What you and your child experience when you come to GOSH matters to us.