Going home

Watch this Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) video to find out about how patients prepare for going home, from learning about medicine they have to take to being referred to local hospitals.

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Nathan: "As a nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital, an important part of my role is to prepare children and families for going home. This involves explaining medicines, contact and community teams and making sure that the people who look after you in the community know all about your admission with us.

"Depending on the reason for the child's admission, there's lots of support that can be available in the community. Some children need community nurses to visit them at home and that would be arranged prior to them leaving. Some children need occupational therapists or physiotherapists when they get home, and some children are brought back here to have their follow up through our outpatients

"Great Ormond Street Hospital sees children from all over the country and internationally. As these children get older it's important they are transferred into adult services so that their care is not lost as they continue to grow and develop and their health needs are met.

"Sometimes we need to transfer you to a local hospital so that you can be nearer to home while still getting medical care, that perhaps doesn't need to be carried out at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

"A lot of children that are discharged from hospital need to take medicine for either a short time or a long time once they get home. Before leaving the hospital a nurse will go through how to take your medicine and how to look after it before you are discharged.

"Some children need equipment such as syringes or dressings when they go home. These will be given to you before discharge with a small supply, then your community nurse or doctor will provide these for you on an ongoing basis.

"Being discharged from hospital can both be an exciting time and also quite a nerve wracking experience, especially if you've been here for a long time with constant support and help from the nursing and medical staff. If you get home and find you've got concerns or are worried, you can always contact the ward you were on in the first instance for advice.

"Great Ormond Street Hospital has links with many charities nationwide, who might be able to offer help and support to you and your child with their specific condition. If you would like more information about these charities, please speak to the nurses looking after your child before you are discharged.

"For all the staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital, it's always nice to see children get well and go home. What's even better for us is if you pop in when you come back for your follow up appointment, so we can see that you've continued to grow, develop and get better."