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Parents and visitors

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From video guides to information on preparing for theatre, this section has it all.

Parents and families video guide
What to bring
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A guide on what to expect when you leave hospital, sources of support, and all the information you will need.

What to expect
Transition to local care
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We have many clinical support services available to our parents, families and patients at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Find out more about what is available.

Health advice written by experts, from allergies to whooping cough.

A-Z child health
Expert FAQS
Parenting features

Help us improve our information for patients and families. This section gives you all the information you need to feedback your comments and raise concerns.

There are lots of different ways you can get involved in supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital. From having your say in how we run the hospital, to becoming a volunteer, this section is full of ideas to get you started.

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