Nursing opportunities in International Division

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is a national and international centre of excellence. It provides specialist care and treatment to children and young adults from the UK and many countries around the world.

About the Unit

We are currently recruiting for band 5 and 6 nursing staff in our Harris International Patient Centre.

Harris International Patient Centre

This is a state of the art Unit where we care for children from overseas, who require specialist treatments unavailable in their own countries. Some private patients from the UK are also seen by the Centre.

The Division has 130 staff consisting of doctors, administrators, advocates as well as nursing and specialist nursing staff.

The Unit has:

  • 30 inpatient beds
  • four bone marrow transplant/isolation beds
  • eight medical and surgical daycarebeds
  • four day care beds
  • outpatients’ facilities

We also have an office in Dubai. The team there help patients and families from all over the Gulf States both pre and post treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital International Division.

The office also co-ordinates a visiting doctors programme. This means our doctors can go to countries within the Gulf Region to provide teaching, training and education, as well as provide some care and treatment to individual patients.

Many of our nursing staff have been to the Gulf as part of their development programme. This gives them a taste of the local medical facilities and the cultural aspects of providing care to our many patients from this region.