2012 press release archive

2012 press releases from Great Ormond Street Hospital

New tablet reduces symptoms for young people with multiple sclerosis

A daily tablet has been shown to reduce the debilitating symptoms experienced by children with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and cut the chance of relapse by 82%. There are currently no treatments specifically approved for adolescents with MS and this is the first time that an MS drug has been trialled specifically in young people.

2018 funding call

Applications are invited for the GOSH BRC Rare Diseases Theme Support Grants.

The Rare Diseases (RD) Cross-cutting Theme will brings together a clear research vision for future trial readiness, sharing successful approaches, and linking cohorts/investigators to available...

Immunoglobulin treatment

Your doctor would like you to have some treatment to help keep you healthy. It is called immunoglobulin (pronounced ‘imm-you-no-glob-you-lin’). This leaflet will help you to understand a bit more about this treatment. It has been produced by PID UK in conjunction with Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Great North Children’s Hospital. 

Your stories

A patient story is a description of an experience of healthcare given by the person (or their representative) experiencing it. They tell the story in their own words – often helped by a formal or informal interview process. Stories have a beginning, middle and end and have characters – they are about people and how they interact with the processes of healthcare.