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Tracheal information for parents and visitors

Welcome to the homepage of the Tracheal service at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Children treated by the Tracheal service at Great Ormond Street Hospital


The Tracheal service is a group of health professionals that have been brought together to provide a range of expertise. The team includes specialists in ear, nose and throat (ENT), interventional radiology, intensive care, cardiothoracic surgery and physiotherapy.

Since it was formed in 2000 the tracheal service has become one of the largest and most successful services in Europe and a world leader in the field.

More information about the Tracheal service.

Discover more about the conditions we treat.

Information about common investigations carried out by the service.

Learn about the procedures and treatments offered by the service.
Your child may need specialist rehabilitation after treatment. 
Plan ahead by reading about our clinics and wards.

Read about some of the inspirational children treated by the team.

Find out about a parent support group (please note it does not provide expert clinical knowledge). 

Comprehensive staff list from the service.
Listings of the department's research and publications.
Details on how to contact the service.
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