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Meet the Metabolic Medicine team

Key members of the Metabolic Medicine Department include:


Dr Lara Abulhoul MRCPCH                                                                                          
Consultant Metabolic Paediatrician
Special interests: General metabolic and phenylketonuria

Dr Alexander Broomfield MRCPCH                                                                               
Consultant Metabolic Paediatrician
Special interest: Intermediate lysosomal disease, intermediate metabolism and metabolic causes of cardiac disease.

Dr Maureen Cleary MD FRCPCH
Consultant Metabolic Paediatrician
Special interests: Disorders of intermediary metabolism, phenylketonuria and lysosomal storage disorders

Prof Paul Gissen PhD, MRCPCH
Special interests: General metabolic, neurometabolic diseases and metabolic liver disease

Dr Stephanie Grünewald, Clinical Lead, PhD FRCPCH
Consultant Metabolic Paediatrician
Special interests: Disorders of intermediary metabolism, congenital disorders of glycosylation, galactosaemia, familial hypercholesterolaemia

Dr Shamima Rahman PhD FRCPCH
Special interest: Mitochondrial disorders

Dr Ashok Vellodi FRCPCH
Consultant Metabolic Paediatrician
Special interests: Lysosomal storage disorders, adrenal leucodystrophy and osteopetrosis

Senior nurses

Mel McSweeney
General metabolic and MCADD clinic

Nicky Mumford
Phenylketonuria, tyrosinaemia and MSUD

Niamh Finnegan
Lysosomal storage disorders

Victoria Crook (Maternity Leave)
Lysosomal storage disorders

Specialist registrars

Dr Hugh Lemonde

Dr Supresa Pula

Dr James Davison

Ward Sisters

Carly Hadfield
Sister, Kingfisher Ward

Nattallie Alwash
Sister, Rainforest Ward (Endocrine/Metabolic)

Katie Ryan
Sister, Rainforest Ward (Gastro)                                                                


Marjorie Dixon

Carla Fitzachary

Baheerathi Manickavasagar

Jacqueline Stafford

Rachel Skeath

Renee Wells


Dr Angela Simcox
Clinical Psychologist and Paediatric Neuropsychologist
General metabolic and lysosomal storage disorders

Katie Warner
Assistant Psychologist
General metabolic and lysosomal storage disorders

Social Worker

Noelle Brackett


Charlene Samuel
PA and Secretary to Dr Maureen Cleary, Dr Lara Abulhoul and Dr Shamima Rahman, Dr Alex Broomfield

Jennifer Kohn
PA and Secretary to Dr Grünewald, Dr Ashok Vellodi, Prof Paul Gissen

Clinical teams

Dr Grünewald, Dr Cleary, Dr Abulhoul, Dr Broomfield and Prof Gissen currently provide the day-to-day and on-call service for the majority of metabolic disorders with the help of Clinical Nurse Specialists, Mel McSweeney and Nicky Mumford.

Dietetic support is given by highly specialised metabolic dietitians.

Clinical care is provided through outpatient clinics (13 per week, 3,400 outpatient appointments per year), ward rounds (one grand ward round per week and and a daily ward round conducted by the on-call consultant), and through telephone calls/email to or from DGH consultants and parents.

The general metabolic team are regularly seeing patients in other units in the hospital, usually for advice on appropriate investigation of a possible metabolic disorder.

Dr Vellodi's main focus is on lysosomal storage disease patients and shares their care together with the other consultants, Niamh Finnegan and Victoria Crook, the lysosomal storage disease clinical nurse specialists, to provide the highly specialised funded lysosomal storage disease service. We are supported by physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and a speech and language team.

Dr Rahman’s clinical and research work is mainly based around mitochondrial disorders.

Junior doctors

The consultants are supported at specialist registrar level by a college trainee and two Trust doctors.

Ward-based junior doctors on Rainforest, Kingfisher, Bumblebee and Butterfly wards contribute to the day-to-day management of metabolic patients on their wards.