Inherited Cardiovascular Diseases Unit

The Inherited Cardiovascular Diseases Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is a multidisciplinary service specialising in the diagnosis, evaluation and management of young people with inherited cardiac conditions. 

The service is part of the Cardiology Department at GOSH and is the only unit in the UK dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of the full range of paediatric inherited cardiovascular diseases. We have close clinical and academic links with University College London, the Cardiology in the Young service at the Heart Hospital, University College London Hospitals and other adult inherited cardiac conditions services in London and the UK. This makes us uniquely placed to deliver a world-class, comprehensive service for children with the complete range of inherited cardiovascular conditions.

Our aim is to develop a close and supportive partnership with parents and their children to ensure a positive experience for both the families/carers and ourselves. We recognise that the hospital environment can prove to be demanding, worrying and intense and we aim to alleviate some of the stress to families by talking openly, listening to each other and working together in the best interests of the child. This way we hope to create a partnership with families that is built on mutual respect and trust.

Exercise testing on Walrus Ward

The Inherited Cardiovascular Diseases Unit is a specialised team involved in the care of your child from their first assessment at GOSH. The team is made up of: 

  • Cardiologists, who are doctors specialising in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of inherited cardiovascular disease
  • Electrophysiologists, who are doctors specialising in diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias using medicine or surgery
  • Clinical nurse specialists, who are
    experienced children's nurses specialising in cardiac nursing
  • Clinical psychologists, who help children, young people and families come to terms with the diagnosis and its potential impact
  • Genetic counsellors, who explain about genetic diseases and how they could affect your family
  • Cardiac technicians, who carry out the screening tests, such as ECHOs and exercise testing
  • Administrative support staff, who organise clinic appointments, maintain medical records and type up reports from the other members of the team.

For details of our team members, please see Meet the team