Clinical Genetics department

The Clinical Genetics department at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) covers a population of 4.5 million in North and East London and Essex. The majority of our clinics are peripheral.

If you are outside this area and would like to know where your local genetics unit is, go to The British Society for Genetic Medicine.

The Clinical Genetics department is part of the North East Thames Regional Genetics service, which also includes the Regional Molecular Genetics Laboratory and the North East London Regional Cytogenetics Laboratory. The three units work closely together to provide an integrated service.

The department offers clinical assessments and other investigations, including genetic tests, for children and adults with complex medical problems, to aid diagnosis of genetic conditions. It provides genetic counselling for families about the likely recurrence of congenital abnormalities and medical problems. 

For those families with known genetic conditions, the Clinical Genetics department provides the opportunity to consider whether individuals wish to have carrier or predictive testing and arranges this as appropriate. 

The service offers prenatal testing to some families with known genetic conditions, in conjunction with the Fetal Medicine Unit, University College London Hospital.

The Clinical Genetics department also assesses individuals within families who are concerned about increased risk of cancer where there is a familial aggregation. In families considered to be at increased risk, gene testing may be offered and arranged, as well as advice about methods to reduce risk or screen for tumours.

For further information please see attached our Clinical Genetics Service Newsletter