What we offer

Assessments, treatment, consultation, opinions and second opinions. We are also involved in teaching, training and research.

The Feeding and Eating Disorders Team (FEDS) works as a multi-disciplinary Team headed by Dr Rachel Bryant-Waugh, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Joint Head of FEDS, with the following disciplines represented: psychology, nursing, dietetics, play, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and psychiatry.

We are regularly engaged in research projects and families may be asked whether they wish to take part in one or more projects.


Our full multi-disciplinary assessments take place over two visits for the family, the first for the whole family 9.30am to 1pm which includes a family lunch, and the second, usually the following week, for the parents and referred child (depending on age) for one hour.

This second appointment follows a full MDT discussion and observation of the child’s behaviour around food and eating and the family mealtime. At this meeting the thoughts and suggestions of the MDT are shared and an agreement made about next steps.

The assessment allows time for the family all together, for the child alone and for the parents alone. The week’s gap between the two assessment days allows time for the team to liaise further with the referrer and other professionals outside the MDT if indicated.

We also offer a shorter assessment, involving two members of the MDT and lasting one to one and a half hours. This will be offered when it appears that further investigation might be indicated, or where we are unsure whether more intensive treatment with our team will be indicated.

Follwing assessment, detailed reports with recommendations eports are sent to the family, the referrer, GP and other involved professionals as appropriate.


We offer a range of treatment interventions and specialise in infant feeding problems, tube weaning of children of all ages, expanding children’s repertoire and energy intake and addressing parent factors, such as anxiety and parenting strategies.

We use a range of treatment approaches to include behavioural interventions, play, CBT, couple and family interventions, parenting support as well as nutritional advice, SLT and OT advice, and monitoring of growth and development.

Treatment is determined by the needs of the individual child and family, which each component intended to address one or more of the areas that are affected by the feeding or eating difficulty. The treating therapists regularly communicate with each other about the issues facing a child and their family.

We see families at varying intervals, some will come fortnightly and others less frequently. We are able to offer some more intensive treatments if required.

Informal enquiries

If you wish to discuss a case before deciding whether to refer, please contact

Amy Siddall
Liaison Nurse

Dr Rachel Bryant-Waugh
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Feeding Disorders team
Telephone number: 020 7829 8679

Lena Lawrence
Team Administrator
Telephone number: 020 7405 9200, Ext 5652