Advocacy Services

Arabic advocates bleeps:

There is much cultural diversity in the patient population in Harris International Patient Centre. The aim of our advocacy service has always been to support the international patients and to maximize the resources available for their families. The advocacy service is multifaceted. Its core is to assist patients and their families to communicate effectively with members of the multidisciplinary team within Great Ormond Street Hospital.
The advocates bridge the linguistic and cultural gaps between the international patients, their families/carers and the multidisciplinary team involved in the care of the patients, particularly the consultant. The team is managed by Wafaa Boussaq.

Bleeps are carried by all advocates when on duty with no specific number allocated to an individual.

  • 0277
  • 0491
  • 2171
  • 2172

Greek advocates bleeps:

  • 0477
  • 2182