Patient experience

Patient experience can be defined as ‘feedback from patients on what actually happened in the course of receiving care or treatment, both the objective facts and their subjective view of it’ (Dr Foster’s Intelligent Board report 2010 - Patient Experience).
In 2010, Great Ormond Street Hospital defined patient experience as:
This is what happened to me and this is how I feel about it.

The Trust has a number of ways of measuring patient and parent satisfaction, including our annual surveys conducted by Ipsos MORI. The Trust has had a public and patient involvement strategy since 2009 and is currently putting together a new three year strategy. This strategy looks at ways to ensure that the Trust listens and acts on the feedback it receives.

You're Welcome project

During 2012-13 a project was initiated to improve the experiences of our adolescent patients, based on the Department of Health's You’re Welcome quality criteria for young people friendly health services (DH, 2011).

The first stage of this was to benchmark the Trust against You’re Welcome. The results of the benchmarking were presented to the GOSH Young People’s Forum, which identified five Trust-wide priorities for improvements. The following report (237.29 KB) has been widely distributed throughout the Trust, and provided the basis for a programme of improvements. You can find out more information on the background to the project here.