Resources and activities

Many of our regular workshops are inspired by works in the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Art Collection.

Look out for artworks and create your own with the help of our downloadable resources and worksheets.


St Christopher's Chapel Travelling Chapel

The Chapel at GOSH is called St Christopher’s, it was built over 140 years ago, but it was not always where it is now, in 1994 the whole building was moved! St Christopher was the Patron Saint of weary travellers, he helped tired travellers by carrying them on his shoulders. Use the St Christopher' Travelling Chapel Resource to make your own chapel to take with you where ever you go.

Hand Washing Finger Puppets

We celebrated National Hand Washing Day by making Hand Washing Finger Puppets! Download the Hand Washing Activity Sheet here to learn about how and when to wash your hands and make your own colourful hand washing characters!

Make a Penguin to celebrate a sustainable GOSH

GO Create! Penguins
We are working hard at GOSH to become a more sustainable hospital.

By 'treading lightly', everyone can help reduce the impact we have on the environment and benefit the health and well-being of future generations!

Help us celebrate a sustainable GOSH by downloading the Model Penguin Worksheet and make your own model penguin.

Chelsea Flower Show GOSH Garden Worksheet

Help us ‘grow’ our garden! Can you help us create an artwork for our exciting new garden? We are creating a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show which will then be transported to the roof of GOSH for everyone to enjoy! As part of the garden we’d like to include an artwork made up of your drawings! Download this worksheet and create a leaf for GOSH.

Royal Patronage art activity

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of HM The Queen’s Royal Patronage of GOSH!

HRH the Queen has been our wonderful Patron for over 50 years! You can mark this special anniversary by creating  your own stamps and bank notes marking important events during the Queen’s remarkable reign Download the Royal Patronage art activity to take part.

Wonderful worlds Ben Sidney Evie GO Create!

Wonderful worlds

Mariele Neudecker works in sculpture, film and photography.

She is nationally and internationally renowned for her atmospheric representations of landscapes in glass vitrines.

Mariele created three miniature landscapes based on imaginary worlds for the circulation areas of Octav Botnar Wing (OBW), inspired by the different themes of each floor.

You can go and see Mariele's work in OBW or view it on our website.

Then use this worksheet to create your own mini-world step by step!

Fantastic Forest

Can you find the Choral Forest located in the entrance to the Lagoon restaurant? What can you hear? And what does it make you think of?

This enchanting artwork was created by artists Shona Illingworth and Henna Nadeem.

Use the artwork and this GO Create! Fantastic Forest Activity Sheet to create your own fantastic forest, full of forest creatures.

The Lullaby Factory
Lullaby factory

The Lullaby Factory was created by Studio Weave. It is a fantastical landscape of mysterious pipes and curious instruments that play beautiful music to send you to sleep.

You can listen to its lullabies on the Patient Bedside Entertainment System or from the ‘Hummermering Transmitters’ found outside in the Lagoon courtyard.

You can see the Lullaby Factory from the Lagoon Restaurant, from the windows of the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building or view it on our website.

Download ourworksheet and use it to help you create a wonderful mobile for your room, inspired by sounds that send you to sleep!

GO Create! drawing

Tremendous Toys

Artist Clare Twomey collects everyday objects and casts them into walls to create extraordinary artworks.

In the entrance atrium of the Octav Botnar Wing Clare created an artwork for GOSH called ‘Home’. You can also view the artwork here. She cast more than 2,200 children’s toys and household items from different cultures and periods.

Use the worksheet to create your own artwork inspired by some of your toys!

Nature Trail

You can find the Nature Trail artwork by Jason Bruges Studio in the corridors leading to the anaesthetic room on Level 3 of the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building or view it on our website.

The forest-like wallpaper is motion sensitive so that when you move along the corridors woodland creatures such as deer, hedgehogs and birds appear and accompany you on your journey to theatre!

Think about the animals you would like to see in hospital and with the help of nature trail worksheet use printmaking to create your own animal.

Fish workshop GO Create!

Fish worksheet

This activity supported the creation of our Seascape fish mural in the new main entrance at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

The submission date has now passed, but you can still use the worksheet to get inspired and create a crazy colourful fish of our own!

Next time you are at GOSH, come and check out all the fish created by other children in the main entrance - and see if you can spot the seahorses!

Download the worksheet here.

GO Create! Arts and Crafts book for children and families

This award-winning book has a number of great creative activities for children or arts workers to use in healthcare settings.

It was created by artist Isobel Manning together with children and young people on Dinosaur Ward, and includes instructions on how to make funny face bags, robots, superhero capes and comic books among others.

The book won the Gold Award for Design at the 2013 Institute of Medical Illustrator Awards, and is available to purchase from the Blurb website.

GOSH Art Trail

This art trail has been made by patients and takes you on a journey around the artworks in the hospital.

GOSH patients learnt about the artist and ideas behind the works and recorded their own responses to each of the pieces. They finish by extending you an invitation to reflect on them too! Why not get involved with the GOSH Art Trail? Here are a few ideas on how you can join in:

  • listen before you come to GOSH and then see if you can find the artworks when you are here
  • download the trail onto your mobile device and listen on your way round the hospital
  • use the art trail as an exercise tool to encourage walking the route
  • create some art yourself! See above for creative activities inspired by the art works you can take part in
  • look out for other art works by a variety of artists around the hospital
  • find information on our arts programme or follow us on twitter

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