Creative features in the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building 

Our new Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, the first part of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre, allows us to treat more children, provide more privacy and comfort for patients and their families, and help to make their stay as stress-free as possible.

It is increasingly recognised that art and design play a very important role in healing - these elements help to create more child and family friendly surroundings through a relaxed, interesting and interactive environment. 

Throughout the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building there are specially commissioned, high quality and innovative artworks and design features which aim to help families find their way, provide welcome distraction, and help to create a sense of community and connection. 

We are grateful to the many supporters who generously contributed to these artworks.

Completed features

Zoom Photo of The Nature Trail
The Nature Trail. Photo: James Medcraft

The Nature Trail - Jason Bruges Studio

We recognise that going into hospital for surgery can be a difficult experience and so we are doing everything we can to minimise any distress that this may cause.  

We wanted to improve the quality of the experience for patients on their way to the operating theatre, by creating a calming yet engaging route on the way to the anaesthetic room. 

Along the journey to theatre we have installed a nature trail with forest-like wallpaper, which houses a range of woodland creatures. Motion sensors and digital panels located behind the wallpaper will reveal creatures including deer, hedgehogs and birds who accompany them on their journey along the theatres corridor and into the anaesthetic room. This installation provides a calming distraction along the route to theatre.

Zoom Photo of wayfinding graphics in Walrus Ward
Wall graphics help visitors identify ward areas

The Wayfinding Project - Landor Associates

Through our Wayfinding project we have brought visuals from the natural world to the new Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, giving an animal name to each new ward and installing graphics of each animal in its habitat. 

By doing so, we aimed to make it easier for patients, families and staff to find their way around the hospital, give each ward area a visual identity, and provide a welcome distraction for children and young people.

Each floor of the new building takes on a habitat, from ‘living in the seas and oceans’ (Walrus Daycare, Level 1) to ‘living in the sky’ (Eagle Ward, Level 7).

The concept was designed by Landor Associates on a pro bono basis and builds on creative features previously introduced to other buildings on the hospital site.

Animal tales - a storytelling project with writer Sarah Butler

Animal tales is a series of six stories created by patients, families and staff with the help of writer Sarah Butler. 

Each story brings to life the various animals that represent the departments within the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building – Walrus, Flamingo, Bear, Koala and Eagle. These stories are available as books for patients to enjoy and also online in audio format

The stories are narrated by Peter Capaldi, Helena Bonham Carter, Rhys Ifans, Sir Ian McKellen, Sarah Millican and Barbara Windsor, who all very kindly donated their time to this project.

Zoom Photo of The Wall of Names
The Wall of Names at the entrance to the Lagoon Restaurant

The Wall of Names - Ron Hasleden, working with Miguel Santos and Neil Urquhart

The Wall of Names is a moving artwork  that recognises the generosity of Morgan Stanley and its employees who supported the construction of this building through corporate donation and employee fundraising activities. It is located at the entrance to the Lagoon Restaurant.

Names of sponsors are presented as a parade of passing names in formal coloured text. They travel slowly across the video screens as woven criss-crossing ribbons of changing colour, over and under, in an ongoing passage through time.

Zoom Photo of The Choral Forest
The Choral Forest is an evocative, sound and image poem

The Choral Forest - Shona Illingworth and Henna Nadeem

The Choral Forest is an evocative, sound and image poem, a magical secret woodland that brings the extraordinary richness and vitality of nature into the heart of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre. 

This sound and visual artwork creates a sanctuary from stressful moments, and a space for quiet reflection away from the stresses of the busy hospital. 

Sounds of birdsong and rhythms of nature alongside abstract imagery of dappled light and changing seasons create a relaxing environment.

This artwork recognises the generosity of the Mittal family who supported the construction of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre.

Zoom Lullaby factory
The lullaby factory has been built on the facade of the Southwood Building

The Lullaby Factory - Studio Weave

The view through the ward windows for some patients in the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building is less than ideal with the wall of the older Southwood Building less than a metre away. 

To improve the view an imaginary factory has been built on the façade of the Southwood Building. The pipes of the old building are decorated as musical instruments, which deliver lullabies. 

In spaces throughout the building (such as the restaurant balcony and the patient bedside entertainment system), patients can listen to the lullabies softly humming away. 

The design of the factory takes its cue from brass and woodwind instruments, particularly, and organs.

If the audio is not playing, please listen on AudioBoom.