Staff constituency

We asked members of our staff constituency what they hope to achieve in their new or re elected role.

Rev James ('Jim') Douglas Linthicum
Jim Linthicum - 3770

Elected for a second term

Why did you stand for election? I am fortunate that, in my role here at the hospital, I have the opportunity to meet many people in every setting. In the course of these meetings I receive a great deal of feedback regarding both the strengths of the Trust as well as areas in which people feel we can improve. I would like to celebrate this opportunity by sharing those concerns and joys within the Members’ Council. I would also like to increase the visibility within the Trust of the possibilities that Foundation Trust status offers.

What do you hope to achieve in your role? The term ‘great’ is not only part of our name, but already defines us in so many ways. I would like to be a part of continuing to add to this as we grow together and become greater.
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Rory Mannion

Rory Mannion

Why did you stand for election? Like all staff, I know a changed financial political context has required GOSH to think hard about its future priorities – and to make sometimes difficult decisions. Rightly, our future direction has been one of the most discussed issues at the Members' Council. I want to join this conversation – not in order to argue for one particular vision of this future but in order to listen to staff and to be a voice for diverse perspectives and a range of concerns.

What do you hope to achieve in your new role? Every day I meet with families who have travelled from all over the world to receive treatment at GOSH – and their stories bring home to me the global scope of our reputation and what it means to belong to a truly world-class organisation. We are all invested in the future of GOSH – and in ensuring it remains exceptional. As a staff councillor, I will seek to be a voice for all GOSH staff and to help foster a conversation grounded in the shared values which unite us at GOSH and our shared committment to the child first and always.

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Prab Prabhakar


Prab Prabhakar

What do you hope to achieve in your new role? In the ever changing landscape of the NHS, we have to adapt to changes that are far reaching in consequences to our patients, staff and society as a whole. I hope to be able to be part of the team that is able to help shape the direction of travel of this institution in the next few years. Healthcare can never succeed as a business but it has a number of strategies and techniques to learn from it.  I shall bring to the table the staff perspective of how these changes influence our lives.

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Jilly Hale - Councillor - Foundation Trust


Jilly Hale

Elected for a second term

I am interested in the direction the Trust will take to ensure that the service we provide to children and their families remains one of quality in the face of ever-increasing demand.

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Councillor - Clare McLaren


Clare McLaren

Elected for a second term

Why did you stand for election? I want to be more involved in the way the Trust works, especially at this exciting time of becoming a Foundation Trust.

What do you hope to achieve in your role? I would like to be involved in improving services at GOSH for both patients and staff.

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