Patient and carer constituency

We asked members of our patient and carer constituency what they hope to achieve in their new or re elected role.

Patients from outside London

Edward Green
Councillor - Edward Green

Elected for a second term

Why did you stand for election? Having been a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), standing for election gave me the opportunity to help give something back.

I also wish to represent patients and help make sure their experience and views are listened to within GOSH.

What do you hope to achieve in your role? In my role I hope to achieve new ways for patients to communicate with the hospital and implement any suggestions or ideas they might have.

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George Howell
George Howell

Elected for a second term

Why did you stand for election? GOSH is very special to me as I have had a personal experience there. I had major heart surgery.

I would like to give something back, be part of GOSH and help make it even better for patients, parents and staff.

What do you hope to achieve in your role? I hope to make the hospital even better than it already is and help make it a better place with outstanding facilities for patients, parents and staff and continue to ensure that the child comes first and always.

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Patients from London



Sophie Talib
Sophie Talib

Elected for a second term

Why did you stand for election? I stood for election because I felt I owed something to GOSH. They helped me and my family through extremely tough times.

Despite no longer being treated at GOSH, I want to bring my experience to the Members' Council and use it as a platform to improve the amazing services GOSH provides, particularly for young people going through transition which is a very tough time.

What do you hope to achieve in your role? My intention is to boost the comfort of patients, carers and parents in the hospital.

Having been a councillor for three years I feel steady on my feet and keen to recruit and engage more FT members with what's going on in the hospital. I believe the best way for GOSH to develop is by hearing the voices of those it provides for, those at the heart of GOSH: ' The Child First and Always'. That's why engagement is such a valuable tool. We've started this with our Listening Events, frequent surveys and recruitment events and there is more to come....

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Parents and carers from London

Matthew Norris
Matthew Norris

Elected for a second term

Why did you stand for election? I stood for election in order to give a little back to the amazing hospital that has given so much incredible care, for so long, to my eldest daughter.

I hope that my firsthand experience of the challenges and struggles faced by parents and families of children who are suffering from life-limiting or life-threatening illnesses can help influence and guide the strategic direction of the hospital.

What do you hope to achieve in your role? As a Councillor I hope to ensure that the valuable opinions of patients and parents continue to be reflected in the future plans of the hospital and that it has the means and the ability to continue to successfully promote the child first and always.

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Mariam Ali
Mariam Ali

Why did you stand for election?

My daughter is an existing outpatient visiting several clinics at GOSH. GOSH is a world renowned centre for its quality of care, its innovation and expertise and we are grateful for all the support we have received so far. I stood for election to help to continue to improve some of the experiences for children/ parents/ carers and to repay in some small way, shape or form GOSH for the care provided.

What do you hope to achieve in your new role?

I hope to improve the navigation for children/ parents/ carers between different services, whether it’s within GOSH or with community GPs, nurses and other medical teams.

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Fran Stewart 

Why did you stand for election? You never forget that gut wrenching moment when you are informed all is not well with your child.

Your plans and expectations are recalibrated to the new reality and medical jargon becomes part of the new you. However as conditions stabilise you appreciate it’s not just emergencies where the NHS comes up trumps. It is through painstaking research and dedicated staff that progress is made, lives saved and families comforted. This is what GOSH symbolises for me and why I wanted to put something back.

I already contribute to the Trust and its developments as a parent representative on the Quality Improvement Committee and as a “Membership Champion” – helping to recruit new members to the Trust. I have also raised funds for GOSH by completing the Prudential London Ride 100. Joining the Members’ Council and contributing to the organisation in a more formal way is another way of saying thank you.

What do you hope to achieve in your role? I have 20 years experience in the public sector and currently work for an education charity managing their schools property portfolio. I hope to apply my personal and professional experience and knowledge to the work of the Members’ Council and assist in scrutinising the work of the Trust Board in a constructive manner. GOSH has a significant building programme, needs to optimise its current estate and having worked with clinicians and builders my knowledge and experience will support the Trust in its decision making. I am also very keen to ensure that membership views are represented and that I engage with parents and patients to hear their views and feed them back to the Trust.

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Parents and carers from outside London

Claudia Fisher

Elected for a second term and as Lead Councillor

Why did you stand for election?  I stood for election because I am incredibly grateful to GOSH. They saved my son’s life more than once, so I really wanted to give something back. I have been involved since 2007 and am honoured to have been re-elected as a Councillor and then elected by fellow councillors as Lead Councillor in Spring 2015.

What do you hope to achieve in your role? I hope to help make GOSH a better place to stay and visit for both children and families. I am proud to have been involved in the development of GOSH’s Our Always Values from the outset, an inspiring collaboration which involved consulting with thousands of patients, families and staff. When speaking at the launch I emphasised the importance of everyone at GOSH adopting and living by these Values on  a day to day basis and the difference this will make to the patient, family and staff experience. Above and beyond excellent medical care, you should expect to receive a friendly and helpful welcome with all staff acting as one expert team – ALWAYS.

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Camilla Alexander-White
Camilla Pease

Elected for a second term

Why did you stand for election? As a parent of a young child who has received world-class heart surgery at GOSH, I stood for election to the Members Council to give back some of my time to help GOSH shape its future and continue to provide excellent service to children and their families in these rapidly changing times.

What do you hope to achieve in your role? I can bring my management, communication and research skills, to listen and be an active voice on the Council.

I will represent the views, concerns and praises, expressed by those of you who are parents/carers who live outside London. I would like to hear of your experiences within GOSH and in joint clinics outside London.

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Carley Bowman 
Carley Bowman

Why did you stand for election?

My son has had magnificent treatment from the very talented teams at GOSH. I have witnessed first hand how they truly put the child first and go the extra mile to keep them safe. Now Ben is older and our visits to the hospital less frequent, I can dedicate time to giving something back.

What do you hope to achieve in your new role?

I believe I can give parents like me a voice - to express their praise and concerns - and to listen, influence and support the Trust. I am a journalist so very comfortable asking difficult questions and interpreting the important messages to take back to my constituency. Most of all, I am a parent like many others who care about GOSH, its reputation and its future.

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