Members' Council Election 2018

In January 2018, the current three-year electoral term will conclude and Foundation Trust members will select a new Members’ Council. The Members’ Council is composed of 27 councillors - 17 are elected by our Foundation Trust’s public, patient or carer constituencies and five are elected by the staff constituency.

There are also five appointed councillors who are nominated by stakeholders such as the local authority, commissioning groups, or other organisations. 

The Members’ Council is a ‘critical friend’ to the Trust and assists in familiarising members in the Trust’s long-term vision and planning. The Members' Council also oversees public involvement and membership recruitment and engagement of Foundation Trust members. In addition to this, the Members’ Council has statutory rights which means it holds Non-Executive Directors to account for the performance of the Board of Directors.

Important dates

The 2018 Members’ Council election will span a number of months from nomination to election. Here below are some key dates for your diaries.

Election stage Date
Trust to send nomination material and data to ERS Tuesday 31 Oct 2017
Notice of Election / nomination open Tuesday 14 Nov 2017
Nominations deadline/Close Tuesday 12 Dec 2017
Summary of valid nominated candidates published Wednesday 13 Dec 2017
Final date for candidate withdrawal Friday 15 Dec 2017
Electoral data to be provided by Trust Monday 18 Dec 2017
Notice of Poll published Thursday 4 Jan 2018
Voting packs despatched/Elections Open Monday 8 Jan 2018
Close of election Wednesday 31 Jan 2018
Declaration of results Thursday 1 Feb 2018